SAB Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

SAB Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Industry is currently experiencing increasing needs for cooling and processing water. As a result, requirements have grown for greater efficiency in filtration and for protection of downstream plant equipment in general. SAB is continuously developing their line of automatic self-cleaning filters. The newest addition to their line up is the F490 Multi X Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter.

SAB Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters Overview & Comparison

F450 F480 F451 F490

2½” – 24″

DN400 – DN1200

16″ – 80″

DN32 – DN300

1¼” – 12″

DN100 – DN800

4″ – 32″

FLOW RATE * 20 m³/h – 4.400 m³/h

90 – 20,000 gpm

220 m³/h – 45.000 m³/h

970 – 200,000 gpm

3.5 m³/h – 1.300 m³/h

15.4 – 5,724 gpm

50 m³/h – 8.000 m³/h

220 – 35,200 gpm

STRAINER FINESS 150 μm – 10 mm 40 μm – 10 mm 100 μm – 10 mm 40 μm – 10 mm
OPERATING PRESSURE 0.7 bar – 16 bar

10 psi – 232 psi

0.7 bar – 16 bar

10 psi – 232 psi

0.7 bar – 16 bar

10 psi – 232 psi

0.7 bar – 16 bar

10 psi – 232 psi

FLUID For Water & Water-Like Liquids (Process Water | River Water | Sea Water | etc.)
DESIGN Welded Cast
DESIGN CODE EN13445 | AD3000 | PED 97/23

ASME VIII Div.1[U Stamp] | ASME X for GRP [RP Stamp]

EN13445 | AD3000 | PED 97/23

ASME VIII Div.1[U Stamp]

SHELL Stainless Steel | GRP | Rubber-Lined Carbon Steel GGG-40 | Stainless Steel | Super Austenitic SS
INTERNALS Stainless Steel | Super Duplex | Duplex | Monel

Hastelloy | Titanium | Gunmetal, NiALBz | more

Stainless Steel | Super Duplex | Monel

Hastelloy | Titanium | more


SAB F490 Multi X Expandable Automatic Filter

SAB F490 NEW Multi X Expandable Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

SAB invented the Multi-Bernoulli filter in 2010 to meet the increasing market demand for finer filtration and higher volume flows. This design utilizes the advantages of the proven Bernoulli based cleaning principle, such as low flushing pressure and unmatched cleaning efficiency, integrating multiple strainers in one filter housing.

The revolutionary MULTI X design combines the advanced Multi-Bernoulli filter technology with a smart and modular cast design offering unique technical advantages and short delivery times.

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SAB F451 Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters – Even More Compact!

Thanks to a highly intelligent design approximately 30% to 40% of real estate can be recovered within the installation space. Furthermore we will implement the use of 1.4581, 1.4557 and GGG40 for the filters’ housings. Working closely with operators can always help us in identifying the right material for the right requirements: GGG-40 as a more ‘standard’ material usable even in seawater; 1.4581: an austenitic steel ideal for use with river and process water; and 1.4557: a super austenitic steel – highly corrosion resistant and ideal for seawater and even chlorinated water.

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SAB F480 Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter

With a considerably higher flow performance and small foot print, this filter prolongs service life of the complete plant along with equipment within it.
With a maximum flow rate of 45,000 m³/h and connection sizes up to 80″, the F480 Multi protects your equipment from clogging, contamination, and damage.

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SAB F450 Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter

Whether it’s during filtration of aggressive fluids, desalination, industrial process or power station cooling water, the F450 will meet the need. This system reliably protects heat exchangers and other downstream components from clogging and fouling. It likewise dependably prevents the negative effects of the EPS phenomenon (extra polymeric substances). The intelligent use of the Bernoulli principle for the automatic self – cleaning of the filter units enables significantly longer service life of the system.

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SAB Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

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SAB F490 Multi X Automatic Filter

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