SAB Automatic Filter F451

Functional and Reliable Self – Cleaning Filter Series from SAB

The SAB automatic filter F451 is a self cleaning filter series delivers optimum, continuous filtration by using the Bernoulli principle Quality. For more than 80 years, SAB has been a leading filter design & manufacturing company providing a full range of industrial and navy filters. Offering filtration down to 100 μm, our filters protect downstream equipment from clogging, fouling and damage. Applications are widespread, from building technology (HVAC), across industrial production facilities, right up to the largest refineries and chemicals plants. SAB‘s Self Cleaning Filter automatically cleans all low viscosity fluids at high output flow rates. The intelligent use of the Bernoulli principle for the automatic self-cleaning filter enables a vastly longer service life of the system. The new F451 automatic filter series impresses with a significantly more compact design and the first-time use of housing materials made of super austenitic steel. Our state of the art design saves 30 to 40% installation space in comparison with similar filter models. SAB´s F451 filters can work with media like river water, process water, salt water and even chlorinated water. For each application, the right com-bination of austenitic stainless steel (1.4581 (316SS)), super austenitic stainless steel (1.4557) and ductile cast iron (GGG-40) can be provided. All F451 filters can be designed according to PED or with ASME U-Stamp. Ensure continuous filter operation from a flow rate of 22 (US) GPM, a filter mesh size of 100μm and an operating pressure of at least 10psi

SAB is setting a new standard in design and cost-effectiveness with the F451 series.

Benefits of Filter 451

• Continuous filtration with automatic cleaning based on the Bernoulli principle
• Flow rates from 22 (US) GPM to 5200 (US) GPM
• Sizes from 1 1/4“ to 12“
• Operation pressure from 10psi to 145psi
• GGG40, stainless steel, super austenitic stainless steel
• Screen fineness from 100 μm to 10 mm

Components of F451

A new patented cover system guarantees easy maintenance of the filters in any position
due to decreased weight, screw-in connection and user-friendly piping. A spring-closing backflush valve specially designed for this filter series, a cylinder with integrated solenoid valve and the standard use of slotted-ho-le screens with more than 50% free screen area… are just some of the many technical innovations of this filter series. A leakage protection system developed by Schünemann in the filter cover prevents water from entering the back-flushing cylinder and corroding it in the event of wear. All filters of the F451 series are supplied with a standard interference-insensitive PCB controller with LED indicator. This is equipped with inputs/outputs for operation, flushing and error reporting. The filter can also be equipped with any other SAB controller. The cleaning cycle (or flushing) is triggered by a time sequence or a differential pressure signal. The amount of dirt collected on the inside of the screen is measured and shown on an optical display on the differential pressure switch. Filters in the F451 series guarantee reliable protection against clogging and fouling.

F451 Applications

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Surface water filtration
  • Mineral oil filtration
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ballast water filtration
  • Marine applications
  • Chemical industry – petrochemicals


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SAB Automatic Self Cleaning Filter F451

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