Pulsafeeder ECO Gearchem Series Pumps

Pulsafeeder ECO Gearchem Series Pumps

Series G for Flows to 60 gpm. Spur Gear Design, manufactured in Materials of Construction of 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C. Complete range of bushings and seal options available.

ECO Gearchem pumps offers the reliability needed to safely handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating liquids. Extensive material availability provides versatility for pumping low or high viscosity fluids over a broad range of temperatures, pressures, and corrosive services.

Industrial Construction
At the heart of each ECO Gearchem pump are two tightly tolerance, machine-generated spur gears consisting of a drive and an idler gear. Self-priming capability is accomplished by our closely tolerance gears which evacuate air from the suction piping. Gearchem pumps provide linear, pulsation-free flows, and the pumps are bidirectional. This easily allows the flow direction to be changed.

Application Expertise
Typical applications for this self-priming, external-spur gear include chemical transfer, cyclic operations, continuous production systems, both open-end, and closed loop. They are also well suited for pilot plants, vacuum systems, and metering application.

ECO Gearchem Series Product Scope

  • Flows to 60 gpm (13,626 lph)
  • Pressures to 200 psi (13.8 bar)
  • Temperatures to 450° F (232° C)
  • Viscosities to 100,000 cps
Pulsafeeder ECO Gearchem

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