Pneumatic Products CAB Series – Air Dryers

CAB Series Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

CAB Series (1,200-13,000 scfm) dryers are the first choice in critical large-flow applications that demand quality, energy efficiency and superior service support.

Standard designs are offered for flows ranging from 1,200 to 13,000 scfm, pressures from 60 to 150 psig, and pressure dew points of -40°F to -100°F. Other sizes and pressures are available upon request. Energy efficient multi-stage centrifugal blowers eliminate process purge air and meet industry’s increasingly stringent noise requirements. Superior energy savings and long component life results due to the AMLOC® Energy Management System that is standard on every unit we build. CAB Series dryers serve instrument, fluid power and process air applications in continuous or intermittent service.

  • Ambient air used for regeneration-no process gas lost to purge.
  • Down-flow drying and convection regeneration for prolonged desiccant life.
  • Legendary Century Series control valves feature stainless steel internal parts designed specifically for desiccant dryer service and tested to 500,000 cycles, bubble-tight.
  • AMLOC® Energy Management System for maximum energy savings.
  • Pre-installed PPC Series pleated coalescing filters enhance dryer performance and extend desiccant life.
  • Pre-installed PPC Series pleated particulate filters protect downstream equipment.
Pneumatic Products CAB Series - Blower Regenerated Dryers

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Pneumatic Products CAB Series

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