Nex Flow Static Testing Accessories

Multicheck Model 80301 tests if static bars and power supplies are working. The high-voltage test unit Multicheck Model 80301 is a performance testing unit for HAUG or other power packs and for HAUG ionization units. Unlike cheap AC Testers which only show if power is going into power supplies or static bars, the Multicheck actually indicates if a power supply or bar is working. As you get close to the static bar, or power supply, a red light goes on indicating power to the unit, then if there is adequate voltage to make the system work, the light goes green. A minimum voltage of 3600 volts is required to insure that a static elimination system is working. The Multicheck light will turn green if you have that voltage. AC Testers will NOT do this and are not an adequate indicator so be wary of marketing ploys which may offer AC testers at inflated prices.

For testing power packs, the red measuring probe is inserted into the high-voltage socket as far as it will go. After pressing the red push button the LED will illuminate green if the unit functions correctly. In case of malfunction, the LED will illuminate in red or no display at all is visible.

For testing ionizing units the test unit is moved vertically towards the ionizing tips. The LED will flash red; when the probe makes contact, the LED will illuminate in green if the ionizing unit functions correctly.

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Nex Flow Static Testing Accessories

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