Nex Flow LG Ionizing Air Gun

The LG ionizing air gun is light weight and easy to handle with its service-friendly handling, is a peerless innovation in the field of elimination of dust and charges. Heavy-duty users and others will appreciate is lightweight at only 480 grams (before air hose and HV cable).

This product is based on the neutralization of “spot charges” by means of bipolar ions. The head of the device is enclosed by a sheet material shield, which serves both as mechanical protection and counter-electrode. Due to the special shape of this shield, bypass channels are created, which assist an efficient six-channel blowing nozzle by stabilizing the airflow. The airflow can be adjusted exactly in accordance to the application particularly useful for the treatment of small pieces. A power pack provides the required voltage.

The LG creates remarkably little noise and its low weight makes it easy to handle – 480 grams before air hose and HV cable.

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Nex Flow LG Ionizing Air Gun

Size: 163 KB
Nex Flow

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