Nex Flow Frigid-X Tool Cooling System

Frigid-X™ Tool Cooling System for dry machining applications replaces polluting and often toxic mist systems to improve dry machining operations. No mess, no residue and low in cost. It is efficient and can improve dry machining operations and assist in spot cooling applications for a variety of industrial machining processes by increasing machining rates and extending tool life.

Produces cold air at approximately 50 F (28 C) below supply air temperature. The unit is muffled for quiet operation. No moving parts assures long life, maintenance free operation while extending tool life and improving production rates. It can prevent smearing of metal or plastics and eliminates wheel loading. Factory set for optimum cooling effect and to prevent freeze up.

Can often replace costly mist coolants and certainly improves the quality and output of all types of dry machining operations from metals to plastics. Unit is low cost, no electricity with no moving parts and is essentially maintenance free.

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Nex Flow Frigid-X Tool Cooling System

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