Nex Flow Air Nozzle X-Stream Model 47010

Air Nozzle X-Stream™ from Nex Flow™ are designed to fit into small spaces. We have an adjustable nozzles for some applications and then a few different nozzles with varying force, depending on the application.

This nozzles is a unique design by Nex Flow™ and is extremely powerful and one of the strongest nozzles on the market today. It has a 1/4″ female NPT fitting and is fully anodized for long life. With the coanda profile you get an extremely strong force at a distance. This is an ideal nozzle for blow guns and for blowing small parts for part ejection as well for stronger blow-off of liquids if required, especially heavier viscosity liquids.

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Nex Flow Air Nozzle X-Stream Model 47010

Size: 1 MB
Nex Flow

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