High Pressure Washdown and Rinsing Pumps for Food and Beverage Processing

High pressure washdown and rinsing pumps from John Brooks Company are the longest-lasting and most dependable pumps for high-pressure cleaning and sanitation applications.
• Belt Cleaning
• Equipment Washdown
• Surface Cleaning
• High Pressure Rinse
• Screen Cleaning
• Portable Cleaning Equipment
• Tote Cleaning
• Central Cleaning Systems
• Sanitizing
• Tank Cleaning
• Barrel Cleaning

Washing and sanitizing processes are crucial for food safety . Any surface or material that comes in contact with food needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The non- production equipment too has to be kept clean and hygienic to avoid contamination

High-pressure washing equipment significantly reduces labor while cleaning more effectively compared to low-pressure alternatives. High-pressure washdown systems also reduce water consumption and the time required for proper cleaning. Equipment dependability is an important application factor; that is why our pumps viewed Canada wide as the high-pressure pump of choice in food processing cleaning and washdown applications.

Our Hydra-Cell design pumps are ideal for pumping (hot or cold) cleaning and sterilizing agents in C.I.P, S.I.P. systems and high pressure wash systems for road tankers and storage tanks. In centralized cleaning systems serving independently operating hand-held washdown guns they offer a unique combination of controllability, fast response, sustained performance and low energy usage.


high pressure washdown and rinsing pumps

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