Alfa Laval – Gamajet 5 – Mid-Size Tank Cleaning Machine

A Fast and Easy Way to Clean Small Tanks

The Alfa Laval Gamajet 5’s compact size readily passes through a 3-inch opening, making it ideal for cleaning small tanks, vats and vessels. The Alfa Laval Gamajet 5 Tank Cleaning Machine offers the cleaning power and flexibility you need. It surpasses spray balls, water blasting, boil outs, manual hose, and scraping and chipping. The Alfa Laval Gamajet 5 Tank Cleaning Machine is a fluid-driven, rotary tank cleaning machine designed to fit through small passageways and to clean smaller vessels (up to 15’ (4.57 m) in diameter by 15’ (4.57 m) high).

It revolves 360° in both the horizontal and vertical planes, with synchronized solid jets providing a tight and thorough scouring pattern on the inside tank surfaces in just one complete cycle. Its horizontal and vertical rotation patterns are interlocked and controlled by gears, not by any reaction forces. A choice of nozzle sizes, turbines and gear speeds offers a range of flow rates, pressures and wash cycle times.

Features and benefits:

  • Fits through a 3” opening (76 mm)
  • Available as a directional unit for open top vessels
  • Powerful: 15 lbs (7 kg) of cleaning force at 10’ (3 m)
  • Impact: Up to15lbs at 10′ (7kg at 3m)
  • Cleaning Range: 7.5′ (2.5m)
  • Pressure: 50-1200 psi (4-80 bar)
  • Flow: 5-45 gpm (25-160 lpm)
  • Clearance: 3″ (76mm)
  • Cycle Time: 8-11 min.
  • Directional Option

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