BETE TD Twist & Dry Spray Nozzles

Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Drying and Hollow Cone Nozzle

The Bete Twist & Dry (TD) is an axial hollow cone whirl spray nozzle. In general, Bete whirl nozzles provide uniform distribution of relatively large droplets. Tangential or axial whirl nozzles feature an internal vane within the nozzle body which causes the liquid to “whirl”.

The hollow cone pattern is characterized by the heavy concentration of droplets around the edge of the spray cone. Little or no fluid is deposited in the middle of the cone. This spray pattern is a medium too low impact pattern being harder driving than the misting or full cone patterns but with less impact than flat fan or solid stream patterns.

Design Features of the Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Nozzle:

– Patented locking mechanism for quick and easy change-out and maintenance

– Choose TD-K to operate at high pressures for greater yield capacity

– PEEK backup ring with Viton® 90 or Silicone O-rings (for higher temperatures)

– Female-threaded or butt weld pipe connections

– Easy assembly, no special tools required

– Orifice size: 0.034″ through 0.157″ (0.864 mm through 3.99 mm)

– Interchangeable swirl and orifice discs for variable patterns and flow rates

Spray Characteristics of the Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Nozzle:

Spray pattern: Hollow Cone
Spray angles: 50°, 55°, 60°, 65°, 70°, 75° and 80°
Flow rates: 8.94 to 1570 gph (35.3 to 5970 L/h)

Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Nozzle- Medium angle, low flow:

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Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Nozzle- US Units

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Bete Twist & Dry (TD) Spray Nozzle- SI/Metric Units

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