BETE TFXP Spray Nozzles

Bete TFXP Fire Protection and Evaporative Cooling Nozzles | Largest Free Passage, Full Cone Nozzles, Clog Resistant Nozzles, Spiral Spray Nozzles

The Bete spiral spray pattern remains one of the major advances in nozzle technology. The liquid is atomized into small droplets by a continuously descending spiral and, therefore, enters and exits with no internal restrictions through relatively large passages. the result is higher discharge velocity so lower pumping pressures can be used to produce the required atomization. The spiral full cone pattern and is developed from a series of concentric hollow cones that combine to give a full cone effect.

Design Features of the Bete TFXP Spray Nozzle:

  • Largest free passage in the original spiral nozzle invented by BETE and continuously improved!
  • Passes particles equal to orifice size
  • Clog-resistant
  • One-piece, extra heavy construction
  • High energy efficiency
  • Male connection

Bete TFXP Spray Characteristics:

  • Wide range of flow rates
  • Fine atomization
  • Clog resistant
  • Spray Patterns:  Full Cone (Hollow Cone available by special order)
  • Spray Angles:  90° and 120°
  • Flow rates:  3.0 to 3320 gpm (9.67 to 10700 L/min)

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Bete TFXP Spray Nozzle - Imperial Units

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Bete TFXP Spray Nozzle - Metric Units

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