Arctic FHS OT Series Filter Bag Housing

 Arctic FHS OT Series Filter Bag Housing

The Arctic FHS OT Series Filter Bag Housings is our standard Over the Top (OT) line using 316SS or Carbon Steel. It utilizes the same high-efficiency design as our FHP Premium Series but is designed for standard applications requiring a pressure rating of 150 PSI @ -29 C to 232 C.The Over the Top design provides better contaminant loading, therefore increasing the time between bag changes. Locating the filter bag at the top of the housing makes it easier for the operator to change filter bags.


  • OT design provides better contaminant loading & easier bag change-outs.
  • Four swing bolt closures allow easy access without special tools.
    High quality castings provide easy and accurate filtration.
  • 316SS Retainer Basket offers greater chemical resistance.
  • Up to 180 US GPM with less than 2 PSI pressure drop. (Based on water-like viscosity and a clean filter bag.)
  • SS Shot Blast facilitates easier vessel cleanup.
  • Passivation of wetted parts provides increased corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable height 304SS three-leg stand.
  • Cover rest to facilitate bag change-out.
  • 100% hydraulic testing ensuring quality and performance

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Arctic FHS OT (316SS) Series Filter Bag Housing

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