Almatec Biocor Series Pumps

Almatec Biocor Series Pumps

Almatec Biocor Series Pumps are especially designed for sterile applications within the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industry. The air-operated diaphragm pumps are EHEDG certificated and ATEX conform according to 94/9/EG directive. The pump sizes B 20 and B 32 with the PTFE material combination (diaphragms, ball valves, seals) and the option diaphragm monitoring are 3-A approved. The special design with the integrated cleaning-system enables the CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilization in place) capability.

Always a demand for sterile applications: all housing parts of the BIOCOR pumps show no horizontal areas. Each pump comes with four ball lifting magnets, which can be attached to the pump housing from the outside at the location of the four ball valves. The ball valves are risen up magnetically out of their seats and the pump is drained entirely without having to be dismounted. There are no mechanical ball lifters with parts and seals in the wetted area (ball lifting magnets for B 20 and B 32 only).

The three pump sizes B 20, B 32 and B 40 achieve max. capacities of 3.5/7.5/17 m³/h (15.4/33/75 gpm) resp. a max. discharge pressure up to 7 bar (100 psig). The material for the wetted housing parts is electro polished SS 316 L (Basel Standard II, ferrit content < 1%) with a surface roughness of ≤ 0.4 μm. The center block is made of polyethylene conductive.

Almatec Biocor Pump Features:

  • air operated pumps for sterile applications within pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industry
  • built in accordance to the essential specifications (EHEDG, 3-A, FDA, Class VI etc.)
  • integrated cleaning-system with high cleaning results
  • CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilization in place) possible
  • ATEX conformity
  • three pump sizes with max. capacities of 3.5/7.5/17 m³/h (15.4/33/75 gpm)
  • wetted housing parts made of SS 316 L (1.4435, according to Basel Standard II, ferrite content < 1%) to <0.4 µm
  • sterile design: no horizontal areas
  • drainage of the pump by magnetical lifting of the valve balls from the outside
  • smooth diaphragm without disc and seals
  • diaphragms, ball valves and O-rings made of PTFE or EPDM (FDA conform)
  • maintenance-free air control system PERSWING P® without dead spot
  • gentle displacement
  • no drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals within the fluid
  • easy to start up, step-less control via the air volume and pressure
  • proof against dry running
  • self priming
  • suction and discharge ports suitable for Tri-Clamp and other sanitary threads

Almatec Biocore Pumps

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Almatec Biocore Series Pumps

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