AIC Small Batch Viscous Emptying System

For peak process performance Müller’s small batch, user-friendly viscous emptying system reduces product lost when emptying viscous products drums. Cleaning is easy, handling costs are lower, and you also eliminate problems with the stringent hygiene requirements.

The “junior” FD system offers maximum operator convenience for a modest investment because of Benefits that are specially able to develop for small batches of between 50 and 200 liters, Benefits include:

  • The system is GMP compliant. All components are capable of dissassembly and are easy to clean
  • The drum-emptying system needs little space and is safe and simple to operate
  • The Müller lidded drum with a dished bottom can fabricate AISI 316L stainless steel, with all butt welds ground flush and a 320 grit polished finish on its internal and external surfaces. All seals are made from a silicone elastomer, are FDA compliant and sterilizable
  • Seals also available on request in Viton or EPDM



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