Oil and Gas

John Brooks Company provides various fluid handling solutions that service the Oil and Gas industry.

For seven decades and more we have been providing our customers with spray nozzles, pumps and filtration equipment, assisting them through improving their processes and
pumping systems in oil & gas applications; power generation and distribution; automation and control; life-cycle services. As a complete systems provider we have been able to deliver customized fluid handling solution packages and products to assist our customers with conserving energy, saving money and reducing downtown in their operations.  Contact our Engineering team to see if we can find a more efficient and cost effective way to pump, spray, and filter.

Applications Include:

  • Solvent recovery spray towers
  • Glycol Injection – pumping and spraying
  • Gas conditioning & pollution control
  • Tank washing systems
  • Drilling mud pumping
  • Frac truck pumps
  • Waste oil, drilling, & frac fluid pumping and processing
  • Pumps for gas compressor applications
  • Gas filtration and coalescing
  • Plant water supply & treatment
  • Refinery process pumping
  • Pipeline chemical injection
  • Mine dewatering
  • Catalyst process protection
  • Amine plant pumping and filtration
  • Sour water and condensate pumping
  • Lube oil systems
  • Boiler feed water
  • Finished product filtration
  • Integrated facility automation and control systems