Awards and Recognition


clean and green award

We are very proud to be nominated for the Clean and Green Award  by the Mississauga Board of Trade. This award recognizes a large or small Mississauga based business that made a significant long-term commitment to the environment and their corporate social responsibility exceed normal practices. Managing sustainability and our carbon impact is at the core of our business and we strive to have a broader impact on our community.

As a  first step in building our green business plan, we participated in the Climate Smart Program 2018 , aimed at increasing resiliency and unlocking climate action among Ontario’s businesses. We introduced a number of operational and behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint overtime.

Reduction strategies:

  • The Green Team – We created green teams at our four facilities, who meetup every month to discuss electricity, heating and waste consumption over the month. The teams also organize campaigns to engage employees in the company’s sustainability initiatives
  • LED Lighting Retrofits – We updated our main facility at Meadowpine with a full LED lighting installation, that dramatically reduced our energy consumption and our costs. We plan on updating all our offices with LED lighting in the last quarter of 2019
  • Partnered with the Park Market and Refillery for plastic reduction and refilling stations – We launched a pilot program in partnership with Park Market and Refillery to educate employees about how they can lead an eco – friendly lifestyle. A workshop was organized, where employees learned about the benefits of using refilling stations to replace single use plastic home and body products

    Reduction Initiatives:

    • ‘Turn It Off’ Campaign introduced to reduce energy savings
    • Car Idling Policy implemented for a healthier work environment and reduced air pollution
    • Paper reduction strategy – switched to 100% recycled paper for printing and office use

    We understand the importance of making a difference in our community and will continue taking more initiatives in reducing our carbon footprint.