US Centrifuge Automatic Model A560

US Centrifuge has established itself as an innovative leader in centrifugal liquid / solid filtration technology. US Centrifuge Supramatic Model A560 automatic self-cleaning centrifuge is designed for a wide variety of tough processes and demanding liquid / solid separation / filtration applications where the specific gravity of the suspended solids are greater than that of the liquid. The proven design and highly efficient operation separates small micron solids from a liquid medium for the recovery of valuable solids or recycling of industrial fluids. The Model A560 centrifuge is designed and built for safe, quiet, operation and years of reliable use in the most demanding applications while requiring relatively no day-to-day maintenance. The machines are American made and all engineering, manufacturing, service, and sales activities are located under one roof in Indianapolis for the convenience of our customers.

The centrifuge features fully automated operation that requires minimal operator attention. The standard Allen Bradley PLC based control panel controls provide maximum flexibility with a wide range of adjustable parameters so the machine can be tuned to suit the unique demands of each application. Panels also include industrial modems for remote monitoring, servicing, and upgrade capability.


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  • US Centrifuge Automatic Basket Style Model A560

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